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COSOPHE is putting it's full support behind the Campaign for Health Colorado 2016 whose aim is to increase the tobacco tax for the state of Colorado. 

So why is an increased tobacco tax a good idea?

This measure will raise about $315 million a year by increasing the tax on cigarettes to $1.75 per pack and increasing the tax on other tobacco products like cigars and chewing tobacco by 22%. The funds would be dedicated as follows:

  • $92 million for Colorado-based research to prevent and improve treatments for cancer, heart and lung disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and youth mental health

  • $48 million for medical and mental health care for 500,000 Colorado veterans
    • $34 million to increase access to health care in rural and underserved areas

    • $34 million to expand access to youth behavioral health services 
    • $54 million to meet the recommended funding levels by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for tobacco education, prevention, and cessation programs for Colorado’s youth and adults

    • $17 million to provide training and repay student debt for medical professionals in rural and underserved areas

    • $36 million to current tobacco tax-funded programs, compensating for expected reductions in tax revenue due to lower tobacco use in the future 

    For more details, visit the Campaign for a Healthy Colorado Website.

    COSOPHE supports public health and it's members through advocacy efforts by:

    • Reviewing relevant public health policy and making that information available to the membership
    • Providing information and training that encourages members in their own advocacy efforts
    • Encouraging COSOPHE members to build relationships with legislators and policy makers
    • In partnership with the Colorado Public Health Association, COSOPHE supports lobbyist Jennifer Miles.  Each year advocacy issues are identified.

    Steps to contact your elected representatives:

    • If you don't know your complete zip code(zip+4), click here
    • To learn who represents you and their contact information, click here
    • To start developing a professional relationship with your representatives, write them a quick e-mail (sample letter) and ask to be added to their distribution list.

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