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We are excited to announce the revitalization of the Colorado Society for Public Health Education (COSOPHE) Chapter of national SOPHE! 

We are energized, committed, and enthusiastic about the opportunity to unite students and professionals for the advancement of the health education profession and the health promotion of our residents.

The Board’s annual short-term goals are to raise COSOPHE’s presence and name recognition; strengthen connections with the members and partnerships with kindred associations and organizations; align our strategic initiatives with national SOPHE and provide more services to the 90-plus members.

Opportunities to participate in the chapter revitalization are numerous and vary in time and level of involvement. Since it’s been a while since our last Chapter communication, we want you to know that we are committed to making it happen this time around. Keeping you informed along the way is paramount – buckle up and get prepared for a new COSOPHE membership experience! 

We are seeking volunteers – all experience levels are welcome!

Roles include social media engagement, web design, communications, membership engagement, COSOPHE board positions, advocacy, policy, professional development & continuing education, strategic planning, local and national SOPHE collaboration opportunities to build relationships and support SOPHE’s 2021-2025 strategic vision, specifically the aim to increase capacity among SOPHE chapters to work with local communities in reducing racial and ethnic health disparities.

  and many more…

As a volunteer, you have an opportunity to build connections, network, and become leaders in health education and health promotion.

If you’re excited to be part of the COSOPHE revitalization or have an interest in future board positions, please reply to us at

We are currently seeking members to join us in our efforts to unite students and professionals for the advancement of the Health Education profession and the health promotion of our residents.

EXTENDED!!!! We are re-establishing our COSOPHE presence with FREE membership through 2023!  

Reply to us at if you are interested in joining COSOPHE and please note the following:

  1. Your Name
  2. MCHES┬« or CHES┬« certified?
  3. Current SOPHE member?

Interested in leadership opportunities? Want to make a difference to public health education? Feel free to contact us at

What is COSOPHE?

The Colorado Society for Public Health Education has been a chapter of the national Society for Public Health Education since 1999.  COSOPHE is a voluntary organization made up of professional health educators and students who live in Colorado.  Our services & programs are designed to enhance skills and improve knowledge as well as promote career development and  networking.

Our mission statement:

COSOPHE is committed to excellence in health education by providing leadership to the profession, advancing health education, advocating for public health policies and providing programs to increase member knowledge & skills.

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